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The Zastawits boys are looking forward to their first vacation at Walt Disney World. Mom and Dad have planned a week's worth of fun. But then an mystical Imagineer presents Charlie and his younger brother Michael with a magical opportunity filled with adventure, dreams and danger—that may just cost them their lives.

When Charlie dons the Ears of Virtue, a whole new world of both good and evil opens up to him—it’s a twisted world populated by villainous Dark Thorns, corrupted "captains", animatronic cobras that come alive on the Jungle Cruise, weird creatures like baboonigans, and familiar creatures like the all-powerful Yeti. In this world, the park guests are as perfect (and oblivious) as concept drawings, and the danger posed to Charlie and his brother is very real.

Join Charlie, Michael and the Patron alliance as they seek the first of five Kingdom Crystals in this action packed fantasy adventure—a debut novel by Charles E. Zitta that explores the Disney World we see and the Disney World we don't see, as well as the even more magical world of WONDER, where Imagineers preserve their dreams and ideas—and where evil has taken root.