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A little girl named Samantha, the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, and six ghostly figures on horseback galloping towards her with a frightful wave of shadow trailing behind. All, an integral part of Charlie’s recent dream. But what does it mean?

As the third leg of the Wonder Within adventure unfolds, Charlie’s dream slowly unravels into a mixture of fantasy and reality in frightful fashion, as he and his brother join their Patron friends in battle against dark forces and their illusive leader—yet to be unveiled. It’s the spookiest time of year, Halloween, as shadow tightens its grip on the most magical place on earth and the hidden world of WONDER that lies within. Racing against time and evil, Charlie, Michael and Patron friends struggle to find the third Kingdom Crystal, while also protecting the Imagineers most prized creation—the magic dream expander.

Will they find the third crystal to give Charlie, the chosen outsider, the power he needs to defeat the dark army? Can he and his brother, along with their Patron friends, keep the magic dream expander hidden from those lurking within the shadows of WONDER? What consequences will fall upon the most magical place on earth if they fail?

A genuinely magical creation, Season of Shadows will take you to a darker side of WONDER, where dreams become reality, and reality is anything but a dream.

Perfect for young readers, and those young at heart, who still believe that a pinch of pixie dust can take you just about anywhere.




The Watch of WONDER has been shattered to pieces by a lightning blast. The source, an unknown evil—pulled from the deep shadows of WONDER and brought into reality by the dark leaders of the Thorn army. It was an act of magic thought to be impossible…until now.

On their follow-up vacation to the most magical place on earth, Charlie and Michael are handed the difficult task of transporting the damaged watch from reality to the watchmaker’s workshop for repair, so the search for the second Kingdom Crystal can begin. But is it too late? The Dark Thorns catch word of the Patron’s intentions and rise up to intervene. Using powerful magic and their army of Thorns, the dark leaders launch a wave of attacks and disruptions in an attempt to gain control of the watch, the crystal, and ultimately…WONDER. Charlie and his brother struggle through a series of early confrontations with ruthless ghost pirates, sea-going skeletons, and an unruly captain with a craving for food—all before entering Deep WONDER to find the watchmaker. However, getting the magic watch restored and finding the second Kingdom Crystal must be achieved if they are to have any chance of overcoming the Dark Thorn’s evil surge. The Zastawits brothers continue to push on with help from the Patrons, as they battle through a barrage of crazed captains, giant toady trolls, shifty shadow villains, and…the dark leaders themselves! How long can the boys and their loyal band of Patron friends withstand the wrath of the Dark Thorns and their wicked army? Will it be long enough to obtain the second Kingdom Crystal? Only time, controlled by the Watch of WONDER, will tell.

Charles E. Zitta has done it again. His second novel in the Disney and the Wonder Within series, The Watchmaker’s Gift, carries readers deeper into the incredible world of WONDER. This non-stop fantasy adventure is chock-full of magical happenings, edge-of-your-seat thrills and unexpected danger around every turn! A genuine page-turner, The Watchmaker’s Gift will take you to places where dreams become reality, and reality is anything but a dream.

Perfect for young readers, and those young at heart, who still believe that a pinch of pixie dust can take you just about anywhere.



The Zastawits boys are looking forward to their first vacation at Walt Disney World. Mom and Dad have planned a week's worth of fun. But then an mystical Imagineer presents Charlie and his younger brother Michael with a magical opportunity filled with adventure, dreams and danger—that may just cost them their lives.

When Charlie dons the Ears of Virtue, a whole new world of both good and evil opens up to him—it’s a twisted world populated by villainous Dark Thorns, corrupted "captains", animatronic cobras that come alive on the Jungle Cruise, weird creatures like baboonigans, and familiar creatures like the all-powerful Yeti. In this world, the park guests are as perfect (and oblivious) as concept drawings, and the danger posed to Charlie and his brother is very real.

Join Charlie, Michael and the Patron alliance as they seek the first of five Kingdom Crystals in this action packed fantasy adventure—a debut novel by Charles E. Zitta that explores the Disney World we see and the Disney World we don't see, as well as the even more magical world of WONDER, where Imagineers preserve their dreams and ideas—and where evil has taken root.

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