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Charlie Zastawits

Charlie was destined to be the Patron’s chosen outsider. With a calm demeanor, a kind heart, inner strength, and the ability to make wise decisions under pressure, his maturity level falls well beyond his years. His passion for Disney is only exceeded by his natural instincts to help and protect those who need it the most—no matter how difficult or dangerous the challenge may be.

Michael Zastawits

Being the younger brother and small for his age, Michael has always had a chip on his shoulder—wanting to prove that he is more than meets the eye. His athleticism and cat-like agility, paired with a high IQ, make him an easily overlooked adversary when facing those who oppose him. There’s nothing he cannot overcome, provided he has the patience to do so.

Frank Wellington

Frank, a retired Imagineer who now secretly protects WONDER as a powerful Patron, is a wise and mystical man who knows more, and is capable of more, than some may lead to believe. Acting as leader and friend to a small band of fearless Patrons, and mentor to Charlie and Michael, he will do anything imaginable, and sometimes unimaginable, to help those close to him.

Ben Glimmer

A reliable sidekick to Frank, Ben is a loyal Patron and friend who’s generosity and positive outlook is hard to deny. His exuberant personality is only out shined by his curly red hair and big smile. Whenever and wherever he is called upon, Ben is sure to rise to the challenge.


He is an older owl who no longer carries the air of intimidation that once surrounded his presence. Especially now that he wears glasses to aid his vision. But even though he is older, he is much wiser, more cunning, and still very capable of carrying out his duties. After all, he is Alexios, a noble Patron and defender of the Kingdom Crystals.



Also known as the World of Natural Dream Enhanced Realities, it was created by the dreams and ideas of Imagineers and illustrators, where both reality and dream-like fantasy coexist. Was created to preserve, and protect from evil, all the positive energy Disney instills upon the world. WONDER continues to grow as new dreams and ideas develop every day within the minds of Disney’s creative staff.

Dream Dots

Magic portals located throughout all Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and a multitude of locations throughout the first two layers of WONDER.

Objects of Magic

Created by the Patrons of WONDER and used by the chosen outsider to seek out and obtain the Kingdom Crystals. Each Object of Magic is assigned to one of five Kingdom Crystals.

Ears of Virtue

The Object of Magic utilized by Charlie to help him and his brother Michael seek out the first Kingdom Crystal.

Kingdom Crystals

There are five crystals in all. When combined, they hold the power to unlock a key element related to WONDER.

Patrons of WONDER

Silently guard and protect WONDER, and all magical elements connected to it, from the evil intentions of FOTO.

Forest of Thorns Order (FOTO)

An evil order with one intention in mind; to undo all the good that Disney has spread around the world.

Merlin’s Magic Looking Glass

A magical looking glass used by Charlie to reveal hidden messages left behind by the Patrons.

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